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( oh honey pie)

And so it is, just like you said it would be [28 Apr 2009|07:28am]
[ mood | Ugh ]

I believe that spooning is the best medicine.

Tenho saudades spooning

( oh honey pie)

I forgot to mention... [20 Nov 2008|10:30pm]
my trip to the bay area was lovely. I don't think I've had so much fun in one weekend in my entire life. All the people I saw up north really made me feel almost at home ( even though I still say I could never make the bay area my permanent home ). I love kat for almost getting arrested with me. She's my little devil's advocate in the best way possible!

Until next year, San fran.

( oh honey pie)

[13 Nov 2008|06:50pm]
Oh god, oracle

(1 oh honey pie)

Just a puppet on a lonely string... [15 Sep 2008|02:07pm]
[ mood | lethargic but jovial ]

this weekend (was awesome) finally made me realize how meaningless little high school fights really are. I finally can see people through the eyes of other people. Is that vague enough?

( oh honey pie)

blew it once again [10 Sep 2008|09:03pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Dear mr. Med student who always gets either an iced tea or an iced americano,
I don't know if you know this (you probably do), but I always take your order and smile back hoping you'll talk to me. So, what do I do when you finally start talking? I stammer and stutter through my answers to your questions. You were being very nice and showing me that smile like you always do, but I can't help but feeling like a total and utter failure. Aww man, you're so cute, too. I snuck out of the coffee shop when my shift was over so you wouldn't see me and be reminded of what a retard I was.
I would say that I wish you would strike up a conversation with me again, but really, I wouldn't want to make more of a fool of myself, so let's just go back to our original relationship. You ask me how I am, I respond and reciprocate, you order your drink, I make it, you go and study. Bada bing, bada boom.

( oh honey pie)

more reasons to look [05 Sep 2008|11:57pm]
I'm so intrigued by the Glass family. Everything is just so connected. Buddy Glass wrote "Catcher in the Rye," apparently. Everytime I find another way to put two and two together, its like finding another present that didn't make it under the tree. :)

(1 oh honey pie)

[28 Jun 2008|04:14pm]
drink, drank, drunk

(2 oh honey pie)

[14 Jun 2008|10:04am]
seriously. GO AWAY!!! Get out of my life!

( oh honey pie)

spooner central ready here [09 Jun 2008|10:40pm]
the same person has been popping into my head lately. Its really burning my toast because for the last year or so I've thought "this boy is out of my life forever. Good riddance," but there he is pooping up while I'm taking my final, or visiting my dreams.

Last night, I dreamt that kat, toya, and I were taking a train up north to Seattle to visit him. The train broke down and while we were waiting in an ice-covered south San francisco all I could do was cry and panic about not being able to see him. I would NEVER cry about him in real life. FU DA SHII as I always say. Nevertheless, there I was, crying like a little pussy because I couldn't see his stupid little face. Oh poo, I've gone on for far too long.

(2 oh honey pie)

[03 Jun 2008|12:06pm]
there is nothing wrong with having a fat cat!

( oh honey pie)

best picture ever [30 May 2008|12:19pm]

( oh honey pie)

[14 Apr 2008|11:22pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Wasting my time in the waiting line...

That's how I feel about love right now. I'm done looking or waiting. I'm finally independent.

....although it would be nice to get some action every once in a while :)

(2 oh honey pie)

Do Not Read This Post. It's Stupid. :] [30 Mar 2008|04:14pm]
[ mood | yaweahhh ]

So I went to the Dodgers game last night, and it was bad-ass. Well, except for the whole losing thing. I start school tomorrow. w00t.

I'm taking a break from Portuguese before I have a nervous breakdown.

I had to make a movie for extra credit. It was the worst thing ever. So cheesy, so weird, so poorly made, but Diane, Greg, and Apollonia were adorable. Point being, Diane showed it to Victor (even after I decreed that NO ONE was allowed to watch it) and now he wants to make another. Oh, and start a dance crew!

I'm already stating to look at grad programs even though I doubt I'll graduate by 2010. I want to go out of state so bad it kills me. I'm so tired of being around here.

Hmmm...what else can I update you kind folks on? I have a non-existent love life, but am very content. I'm not looking. I mean, if a hot guy comes into the coffee shop, I will look, biut you get what I mean. Besides, the guys who come into the coffee shop dont like me cause I wont put out. haha

(2 oh honey pie)

I Dont Feel Like Dancin' [22 Mar 2008|07:20pm]
Finish finals- check!
Buy a present for mom- check!
Make birthday cake for mom- check!
Buy case for phone- check!
Ruin my haircut- Czech!
Pass finals- ??????
Convince Diane that I dont want to go to any clubs over spring break- not even close

I think I might start going to church, just for kicks

( oh honey pie)

the most absolutely perfect fake death in the history of fake deaths [05 Mar 2008|11:20pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm sick as a dooooooog. I feel like crap and so close to finals. Just a couple of weeks till spring break.

Plus, my gf diane is gonna make me garlic mashed potatoes on frydae! TIGHT!! :)

(2 oh honey pie)

The Games I play the Songs I sing [23 Nov 2007|08:45pm]

dude. there's a Steve and Berry's in Burbank and all her clothes are under $40! She wasn't freaking lying! The clothes aren't even that bad! I know where I'm gonna shop from now on!

(6 oh honey pie)

tight sauce [12 Oct 2007|06:42pm]
Okay little update for those of you who care:

- I lost that new fangled camera I talked about before
- I got another job at silverlake coffee and I'm crossing my fingers in the hopes that it will be awesome.
- I saw Across the Universe twice even though the first time it pissed me off. I just couldn't keep myself away.
- I think I may have found someone? [jinxed it!]
- Taking another quarter of Portuguese in the hopes of a trip to Lisbon next summer.
- Life is pretty darn good! :]

( oh honey pie)

[12 Aug 2007|09:38pm]
So this week is my last week working at camp for this summer. bittersweet?

I go up to Berkeley soon then I have a month to look for a real job and get ready for classes at my wonderous school.


Those songs will never leave my head.

( oh honey pie)

[14 Jul 2007|10:06pm]
You know you've been living around girls for way too long when a really skinny blonde dude with acne looks attractive to you. Blah.

Camp was better when I was a camper.

( oh honey pie)

Hollywood [23 Jun 2007|09:00pm]
When you lay down with me, you took the other side,
When you lay down with me, you never slept that night.

Camp makes me sooo happy! The kiddies are coming next week and Monday is my birthday.

I love Rabbit and Otter the most! Rabbit and I have gotten so close in one week, I'm knocking on wood and hoping it will stay that way. Man I have to get a halloween costume for next week.

I'm so happy!

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